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Panda Elephant Camp and Resort

For the person who have adventure mind and looking for the isolated accommodation far away from the chaotically crowded city, we propose the touch of family warming stay at the “Panda Elephant Camp & Resort”. The natural resort surrounded with local paddy fields in the valley and splendid natural mountain views give you the serenity pleasure time with the passing natural stream flow, You will have the great experience of the local minority tribe “Long neck Karen” and their elephant ‘s care giving which give you deeply sense of elephant and human friendship. Come to join us the great experience for you leisure time and the reservation are available for individual, group tour and family.


The accommodation include breakfast:

  • Thai rice soup or ABF
  • Fruits
  • Tea
  • Coffee
Single Bungalow

A single bungalow with 1 bed with personal shower room for 2-4 person. It’s include air conditioner.

Price: THB 1500 / night (THB 300 / person for extra bed)

Twin Bungalow

A twin bungalow with 3 bedrooms for 4-5 persons. Each bedrooms provided 2 beds with personal shower room. It’s includes air condition.

Price: THB 1500 / night (THB 300 / person for extra bed)

Large Tent

A large tent for 2 person.

Price: THB 800

Small Tent

A small tent for 1 person.

Price: THB 500

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